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There's always something to do in Sevilla - from the small to the extravagant there's plenty to see. We'll start with Carmen in Sevilla, and while I know it's not until September you should make your plans soon! For some great exhibits start with Valdés Leal: La Vida de San Ambrosio in the Museo de Bellas Artes. The Antiguo Convento de Santa Maria de los Reyes brings us yet another fantastic and timely architecture exhibit with César Portela, Arquitecto, who is working on the Sevilla Metro project amongst other things. Feria is coming up - keep an eye out for some special features and insider's guides in a few days.

Sevilla and the Arts
Sevilla is a great place to take in an exhibit, whether you want to see painting, sculpture, architecture, or photography. There's always something to see thanks to the Ayuntamiento and Cajas which sponsor such events. Private studios can be found throughout the center with rotating collections by local artists. The pieces displayed differ in form and quality. Of course you can take in a permanent exhibit by simply walking around Sevilla or hitting one of the many museums. There's always something on display!

Sevilla also attracts a great number of events and festivals. Music, food, theatre and dance are just a few festival themes you'll see annually, if not more often. The topics below will change according to what's going on in Sevilla every month or so.

Art Galleries

Private art galleries are another great way to see some local artists and of course out of the ordinary works. The following galleries always have something on display:

Galería Álvaro
Location: Plaza de Doña Elvira

Galería Nuevoarte
Location: c/San Vicente, 32

Galería Pepe Cobo
Location: c/Cardenal Cisneros, 5

Galería Haurie
Location: c/Guzman el Bueno, 9

Galería San Vicente
Location: c/San Vicente, 31

Galería Isabel Ignacio
Location: c/Velarde, 9

Galería Rafael Ortiz
Location: c/Marmoles, 12

Galería Full Art
Location: c/Madrid, 4, bajo 6

Galería Margarita Albarrán
Location: c/Meson de Caballeros, 2

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