Miami Travel Guide

Miami is a melting pot that would make America's founders swell with pride.

It used to be called 'God's Waiting Room' because of the many octogenarians eking out their last moments by the pool, but today the old folks mingle with bikini models, fashion designers and Cuban émigrés, and the city that once had the highest murder rate in the US attracts millions of tourists.

Half of Miami's population is Hispanic, giving the city an international outlook. For the casual visitor this means a city peppered with the flavours of Latin American food, language, music, politics and spirit.

Due to hurricane damage, travellers are advised to check with local authorities before visiting the area as some facilities may not be operational. Massive clean-up projects are underway in Florida.

Facts in a glance

Area: 93 sq km
Population: 600,000
Country: USA
Time Zone: GMT/UTC -5 (Eastern Standard Time)
Telephone Area Code: Metropolitan Miami: 305; Miami and Miami Beach: 786


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