Las Vegas Travel Guide

It's not possible to talk about Las Vegas without using the term 'world-class', cause so many hotels, restaurants and extravagant entertainment options are that. Step outside the neon environs and splendours surrounding Sin City are world beaters, Hoover Dam, the Grand Canyon and the magnificent wind and water carved landscapesin the red rock desert of the southwest.

Las Vegas means glamour for its own sake, over-the-top hustle and flash as means and end. It's crowds of people in polyester pantsuits, gold chains and big hair, staring at neon signs, spinning lemons like deer hypnotised by headlights.

Las Vegas has too a serious side - billions are at stake on the tables and in the theme parks. But you're given enough distractions to ignore it. If you tire of tugging on the slot machine, the outside area has some region's most beautiful places.

Facts at a glance

Area: 293 sq km
Population: 478,400
Country: USA
Time Zone: GMT/UTC -8 (Pacific Time)
Telephone Area Code: 702

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