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Nightlife every night in Hawaii

Nightlife Spot: Clubs, Luaus, Comics, all forms of entertainment

Type :Other

Yes, Hawaii has it all! From luaus, to movies and street entertainment, to dinner cruises to night clubs and comic clubs ... it's all here and not only in Waikiki, though MOST of our night activity is found in Honolulu.

Dress Code:
Usually casual does the trick, and you can get away with "aloha" clothes just about anywhere! It's always a good idea to wear decent shoes ~ you can always fling 'em off later if you want to have a moonlit walk along the beach!

Nightlife Spot:
Go to a luau!
Type: Live Music

OK, yeah, they're tacky, but they're fun anyway. Dinner and a show and the price is usually pretty reasonable.

Dress Code:
It depends on the luau, but most are casual.

Check with your hotel and check around the town you are staying. I guarantee, there will be somebody selling luau tickets!

Nightlife Spot:
Ocean Lawn Royal Hawaiian Hotel

Type: Eating and Drinking

This picture features one of the many cultural
performances that were shown this evening.
a great Show , Dancing Singing ,Fire Stick
Performance. Participation by the audience
was also very nice.
Experience one of these Lu'au's if you can while you are in Hawaii, it is worth it.
More pic's of the Lu'au in last Travelogue.

Lu'au Dancers at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel.

Nightlife Spot:
Royal Hawaiian Hotel

Type: Eating and Drinking

An unforgetable night of Food , Dance , Fire , and Fun at the beautiful Royal Hawaiian
Hotel Courtyard in a fantastic evening setting
looking at the Beach and at the Diamond Head Crater as a backdrop.This was a lovely
evening that lasted about 3 hours and that included the Buffet Dinner, which was very good, music all night ,
A wonderful Royal Polynesian Extravaganza.

Dress Code:
No dress code , but most people there wore nice pants and Hawaiian Shirts , and the ladies were all dressed elegant.
The shows at the Hotel are mondays and thursdays only,and they start at 6 pm.
The Lu'au is held on the Ocean Lawn of the Hotel. The buffet has many items , Beef and Fish amongst other items.

Royal Hawaiian Hotel Waikiki Beach Oahu.

Hot Hawaiian Nights - Sailing with the Stars
Star Gazing, Full Moons, Sunsets and Meteor Showers

A novel way to spend a birthday, honeymoon, or romantic anniversary.

On dark (moonless) nights, Mother Nature blesses us with her boundless beauty. She puts on a show for the leeward shore that includes views of constellations, the Milky Way, other galaxies, planets, and seasonal meteor showers that are breath taking and phenomenal.

Adding to this mystical adventure, an ancient heiau is located on our coast. With the high incidence of cloudless nights on the leeward coast, this sacred place is still used to teach the highly skilled art of Polynesian voyaging and celestial navigation to modern-day practitioners.

Travel back in time with us on the open sea. Our charters include all the magic, mystery, and lore of the Pacific Ocean, with you, away from city lights and city ways.

The soft, mystical brilliance of the night, The impelling beauty of the stars demanding veneration, and seven spheres moving through the heavens with god-like serenity; Surely in such celestial majesty and harmony there must be a Guiding Providence?

The most inspiring part for those who have experienced a meteor shower sail , seems to be utter fascination with the bounty of Hawaii's night skies. The lack of light and air pollution affords such clarity, that we are often given the fortune to view these natural wonders. Many visitors note they haven't seen such stars "since I was a little kid."

Because of the awe-inspiring reactions to our night cruises, we now offer "no moon" sails . Our guests enjoy these phenomena on the open sea with the breeze in their face and the lapping of water on the hull.

Full Moon Madness -
2003: Feb 14-16, Mar 15-18, Apr 14-17, 13 May 13-15, Jun 12-14, July 12 – 14, Aug. 10-12, Sept. 9 – 11, Oct. 8 – 11, Nov. 8-10, Dec. 7-9
We agree that a full moon shining on the ocean is definitely one of planet earth's greatest gifts. Imagine sailing across a silver path shinning like diamonds. Because Mother Nature has her own timetable, the full moon may rise at inopportune times. We bow to the higher power, and have decided to only offer full moon sails when they coincide closely with a vivid Hawaiian sunset.

As a sample itinerary, the full moon rises approximately 40 minutes after sunset. Setting sail an hour before sunset will give us time to experience the full range of hues in the sunset. We can then relax and enjoy the cosmic process painting the sky.

Next, we'll see the colors darken and fade to velvet black and experience about a 1/2 hour of skies lit only by the extravagance of thousands of stars, (you can actually see them twinkle). Before long, the full moon will be rearing its majestic head over the mountain range lighting the waters around us. Other nights, the moon may already be up when the sunsets.

Hawaiian "winter" is humpback whale season, and dolphins grace us with their presence year around. If the Gods are kind and the spirits cooperate, we may also have the not-uncommon (given the environment) opportunity - but very unique, given few people have been so fortunate - and be visited by one or both of these species under the full moon.

During our voyage, we will share with you some of our knowledge on topics including, ancient Polynesian voyaging, astronomy, whale and dolphin behavior, sea lore and/or? On this charter, you will enjoy 3 hours at sea.

To our knowledge, we are the only ones offering these trips anywhere . . . They evolved from our love of ocean, the sky and the marine life that share this planet with us. If you love clean air, night skies and the critters that live in the liquid world, you will not be disappointed.

Read on for similar voyaging offerings and see General Tips and Guidelines for Sailing with Stars Charters below for price and reservation info.

Sailing with the Stars - No Moon Sails
Stargazing Sails 2003: Feb 22 - Mar 5, Mar 23 - Apr 6, Apr 23 - May 4, May 17 - Jun 6, June 15 - July 2, July 16 – Aug. 2, Aug. 14 – 29, Sept. 15 – 26, Oct. 11 - 28, Nov. 12-25, Dec. 11-24

Sailing into the multicolored sunsets the Hawaiian Islands are famous for, we'll first cruise past Kuilioloa Heiau. Significant for many cultural reasons (some believe it to be the true third point of the Polynesian triangle), it is also the sacred teaching grounds of ancient Polynesian navigation.
As the sunset dissolves into starlit night, we will be leaving our coastline beacons for deeper waters. Once at sea, it is not unusual to encounter feeding dolphins playfully riding the bow. Or, if we are real fortunate, we might enjoy a visit from seasonal whales attracted to our mutually intelligent company. We may even "hook up" to fish enamored with the stars reflecting on (or falling towards) the ocean's surface.

The abundance of the astral bodies revealed to us makes it sometimes difficult to pick out common constellations . . . We invite you, if you are so inclined, to take this as a personal challenge.

General Tips and Guidelines for Sailing with Stars Charters
For all night charters, we recommend light jackets, and maybe long pants, socks and a favorite blankie :-) The night temperature averages in the mid '70s, but it may get chilly out on the water.
In order to schedule our charters and be fair to everyone, we require a 50% deposit to reserve your spot. Our 4 to 15 passenger limit makes it very comfortable and personable onboard. We reach waiting list status quickly for these unique charters, so the sooner you book - the better.

Dinner menus are subject to change depending on the amount of people onboard. Typically, we serve a chicken/shrimp stir-fry, a mix of rice, tossed baby green salad, and gourmet bread. With less people, we'll usually do a more "local" style of mixed plate of fish and chicken w/sauce, macaroni salad on shredded cabbage and rice. It all depends on the cook's mood and what's in the pantry!

For $95 per person, we will put you on a 3 hour semi-private sailing charter. Family and group rates (5 people or more) are eligible for a 15% discount.

Please call or email (preferred) for reservations. Cancellations can be made up to 10 days ahead of time with no charge at all. Likewise, all of our charters are weather dependent, and a pleasurable experience is our main priority. If we need to cancel due to weather (Mother Nature though beautiful can be temperamental), we will contact you immediately.

Cancellations within the 10-day period before your charter and no shows are charged the full price (Please note that while we have done our Hawaiiwork in researching the astronomers' predictions for best meteor shower nights, predictions are not guaranteed to be accurate and peak dates may change as the earth becomes nearer to the showers. We think, however, that they're worth staying up for!).

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