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Dublin has changed immeasurably over the past decade, in the wake of a remarkable economic boom.

At first glance, it may not seem much to brag about, and is perhaps run-down in parts, but a little exploration reveals pockets of Georgian grace, a series of priceless pubs, a proud cultural life and a plethora of open-armed, open-hearted people who will put serious dents in your cynicism. Dubliners are intensely proud of their history and their town.

Dublin's burst of prosperity gave it a new confident sheen, but what remains special is the spirit of the people, who ensure that despite whirlwind changes, Dublin remains one of Europe's most down-to-earth, friendly and accessible cities.

These days Dublin ranks among the top tourist destinations in Europe, and this vibrant city hums with a palpable sense that it is creating a new cultural heritage.

Facts in a glance

Area: 921 sq km
Population: 1.12 million
Country: Ireland
Time Zone: GMT/UTC 0 (Greenwich Mean Time)
Telephone Area Code: 01

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