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Nightlife Spot:
Jackie's Joint


The place has a Dance floor, Restaurant with show kitchen, Bar, Pool tables, and Private karaoke rooms. Open 9 pm to 4 am.

It is a cool hang out, if you are looking for a place to dance.
Better go with a group, as most of the people go in groups...

Entrance is 50 EGP, (Almost 6 to 7 USD), but you have a hard drink and a soft drink for free inside with this fees. A second drink is free from Saturday till wednesday.

Wednesday, ladies enter for free:) Alive mostly from Wednesday to Friday.

Dress Code:
Casual, semi formal.

Located in the Nile Hilton Hotel, Tahrir Square, D

In Tahrir square (Biggest square in Cairo), you can easily find the Hilton. Disco "Jackies 'joint" it is somehow outside the Hotel just beside the door facing the Nile river.

Cairo is a city that never sleeps


Cairo is very alive city in the evening.
Lots of cafes, pubs and bars. Sometimes you need to know where to go, if you are looking for a drinking spot, as not everywhere serves alcoholic drinks.

Dress Code:
Mostly the dress code is "soiree", evening dress.

Floating Night Club!

Nightlife Spot:
El Morocco*


It is decorated in the Moroccan style,as you can tell from it`s name.It`s located at the Blue Nile moored boat.This boat has 3 restaurants and a night club,I recommand all four.
This night club plays international music as well as Egyptian and Arabic music,it has an inside dancing area(and a bar),and also has an outside seating area(if you want to escape the smoke and the crowd).

Dress Code:
Jeans are not acceptable,and reservations are highly recomanded.
Minimum charge policy applies,it`s 100 Egyptian pounds.


Cairo Jazz Club Agouza.
Bar and restaurant offer life music.
Address: 197 26th July St.
Opening Hours: Daily 12:00PM - 03:00AM.
Telephone: 3459939

La Bodega Zamalek.
Bar and restaurant.
Address: 157, 26th of July St., 1st floor.
Opening Hours: Daily 12:00PM - 01:00AM.
Telephone: 7356761

High Heels Tahrir Square.
Bar and restaurant offer life music.
Address: Nile Hilton.
Opening Hours: Daily 10:00PM - 03:00AM.

Jazz Up Tahrir Square.
Bar and restaurant.
Address: Nile Hilton.
Opening Hours: Daily 11:00AM - 02:00AM.
Telephone: 5780666

Rossini Heliopolis.
Bar and Italian restaurant offer life music
Address: 66 Omar Ibn El Khattab St.
Opening Hours: Daily 01:00PM - 01:00AM.
Telephone: 3459939

After Eight Down Town.
Bar and restaurant offer life music
Address: Address 6 Kasr El Nile St.
Opening Hours: Daily 07:00PM -04:00AM.
Telephone: 5740855,5765199,0123135619

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